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A Review of the Arizona Inn, Tucson, Arizona

A Review of the Arizona Inn, in Tucson, Arizona

We had the pleasure of staying in the very historic Arizona Inn in Tucson in 2016. While this was a quick visit, given we were arriving late at night, and leaving in the morning, we nonetheless had an amazing stay.


The reason why we chose the Arizona Inn over points-earning properties nearby is the fact that we had Expedia points and coupons to use, giving us a nearly free stay. You receive Expedia points by booking through Expedia, and I had about $50 worth of points to use. The neat part about Expedia points is that when you use them at VIP hotels, determined by Expedia, that value doubles. That still left about $72 worth of the booking to cover, but a further $50 was covered by an Expedia coupon that was given to me because of a Best Rate Guarantee request, which I won. As your travel advisor, I can do the same for you.

The Resort

We arrived around 11 PM, to the resort that’s situated in an old neighborhood of Tucson. That didn’t deter the 3 coyotes from crossing the road- we’re still in the desert, people! The resort is retro from the beginning, having been built in 1930.

The lobby is simple, from an era gone by. With no one at the desk, I rang the antique bell (haven’t seen one of those in a while), and the agent got us processed quickly. Since it was a VIP hotel, we received an upgrade to a deluxe room. This room is a bit larger than the standard rooms, includes a patio with furniture, and a wet bar.

Room photo from the hotel's website
Room photo from the hotel’s website

I especially liked the older decor- it has aged well and felt like it had “character.” Advanced technology, like an in-room iPad, with tons of information about the resort, was appreciated.

The fun part about the hotel is everything is branded- pens, soaps, shampoos, and stationary. This family-owned hotel certainly doesn’t cut corners!

One great thing about the resort is that there’s no resort fee, but lots of included amenities. I had my free morning coffee in the resort’s library-

…and unfortunately didn’t have time to play tennis on one of their two clay courts.

Other free amenities include croquet, badminton, ping pong, a fitness center with brand-new equipment, bottled water in-room and in the gym, and the pool facility, which has a free ice cream Sunday bar from 5pm-9pm every day during the summer months. There’s also free bike rentals and a dvd library to rent from. One unique feature? The DVDs are all from before 1960, and only feature actors and actresses that stayed at the resort during its heyday.

Be sure during your stay to read the history book included in every room, written by the president of the resort and the founder’s great grandson. It’s fascinating to hear what was built in then-rural Tucson!

Overall, I wish I had more time to spend here. I have stayed at many hotels in Tucson (and the world for that matter), and it’s refreshing to stay somewhere that’s focused so intently on the guest, and not the bottom line. I imagine this resort has its very loyal customers as a result.

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