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A Review of the Brand-New Park Hyatt Mallorca

Mallorca is a place I’ve always wanted to visit. Each Mediterranean island offers something different for the traveler, whether it be food, culture, or sightseeing. As luck would have it, our trip dates coincided with the opening of the Park Hyatt Mallorca, and we were fortunate enough to check in a day after opening.  While the resort was still ramping up to “full” operations, our stay proved to be nothing short of what the Park Hyatt brand has come to be known for- personal service, high-end luxury, and fantastic memories. Keep in mind, this resort is normally 20,000 World of Hyatt points a night.

Finding the Resort

The resort is located near the beach town of Canyamel, about a 15 minute walk from the beach, on the northeastern side of Mallorca.  This is about an hour’s drive from Palma, and with all the other sites the island offers, a car is a must. I’m sure that directions will improve with time, but the resort is not easy to locate, as there is no signage pointing to the resort (not even a sign from the small road outside its gates). Expect a few wrong turns, but that’s part of the adventure!

Checking In

We had three people staying in a room, which took a bit to process for the check-in agents. However, they couldn’t have been more courteous and really made sure we were comfortable while the room was arranged. The check-in area was sparse, which will undoubtedly change in a few days/weeks as more decorations make their way to the resort. Across from check-in was a library with snacks and coffee.

The Room

We stayed in a standard room on the property, which are properly gigantic. At 538 square feet, ours included a king bed (as well as our rollaway), a balcony overlooking the courtyard, giant flatscreen in the bedroom as well as in-mirror in the bathroom, (surprisingly) reasonably priced mini bar, and a palatial bathroom. The room has whites abounding, with marble floors and hearth framing the cream drapes and walls. Windows let the ever-present sun pour in.

While all the buildings look similar, each is named after the trees that are planted around each main building.  We stayed in “Limonero,” but others included “Olivero,” “Serenita,” and more. When the trees grow more, it’ll be easier to differentiate I’m sure.

The bathroom’s shower and tub were gorgeous, but I felt that the window made me feel a bit exposed to the outside. Also, the doors are fogged glass, so don’t expect privacy if you’re sharing the bathroom getting ready in the morning.

The resort left us a bottle of Cava, as well as a large bowl of fruit when we arrived. Additionally, the hotel sent up another bottle of local Mallorcan Red later that evening to celebrate the opening of the hotel.

The Resort

As previously stated, the resort is not directly on the beach, but very close. The resort does have a van to shuttle you to the closest beach to the hotel, but if you have a car, over 200 beaches are on offer on Mallorca.

We had the chance to try out two of their three main restaurants, as “Asia” was still closed at our time of visit. The tapas restaurant, helmed by a one-star Michelin chef, was delicious. After a few days in Spain, we were happy to try out a new spin on the traditional tapas plates like croquettas. The restaurant has so many types of cured ham that you’ll have trouble deciding. I expect this place to be the most popular on property.

The Balearic restaurant features dishes more endemic to Mallorca. We had some seafood paella, as well as the tenderloin (both delicious). However, the most impressive part of the meal were the deserts, which were designed by a high-end Barcelona chef. The “Summer Ferrer” is not to be missed. This is also where daily breakfast is served, which was included in our room rate (we were only Hyatt Platinum).  Items are similar to those across the way, but with a much larger buffet spread. I sampled the Belgian Waffle which was amazing.

Additionally, the resort has a coffee shop, which has delicious fresh-baked breakfast croissants and rolls, baked on property. Don’t miss this- the flakiness of the croissant was a true highlight.

Built like a traditional Mallorcan Village, this resort is stunning. However, if you hate stairs, you may not enjoy your stay here. Lots of hill-climbing involved to get from our room to the main resort, but it was definitely part of the adventure. Several streams of water flow from the top of the resort, paralleling stairs, through fountains, and finally to the resort’s stream, which ends near its pool complex, featuring four pools. These pools frame the restaurants, and add to the relaxed feel of the Park Hyatt Mallorca.

The resort is next to a golf course, which we didn’t get to try out, but also features a nice, but small gym that features brand-new equipment. The beach club is open, as well as the country club.

Wifi was strong in places, but in parts of our guest room, we had zero signal. I’m sure that much of this will be worked out as the resort fully opens.


Overall, another win for the Park Hyatt brand. The designers really took into account the resort’s setting, and used it to the resort’s advantage. We cannot wait to return, especially to utilize the resort’s upcoming features like the beach and tennis club.

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