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Around the World in 9 Days: Singapore Airlines Flight #7 LAX-ICN in Business Class

Part IV: Singapore Airlines Flight #7 LAX-ICN in Business Class

PHX-LAX on Southwest Airlines

Two Nights at the Hyatt Regency Los Angeles Airport

Singapore Airlines LAX-ICN

Grand Hyatt Incheon

Singapore Airlines ICN-SIN

Singapore Stopover

Singapore Airlines SIN-MLE

Transfer in Malé to the Park Hyatt Maldives

Park Hyatt Maldives

Transfer Back to Malé

Etihad Airlines MLE-AUH

Hyatt Capital Gate, Abu Dhabi

Etihad Airlines AUH-LAX

Finally, the time had arrived! While I would’ve loved to have tried out Singapore’s first class, I figured business class would be just fine for our purposes. Plus, there was no award availability for the dates that we needed.

At the gate, we waited only 5 minutes before boarding was called. First class was called, then rather immediately business class was called as well. When we booked, we selected 11 D + F, which was in the mini-cabin of this 777-300ER. With only two rows of seats, it felt like our own first class cabin. I’d definitely vouch for these seats if you are thinking of flying this configuration.

We settled down in Singapore’s new business class, which I immediately fell in love with. It’s very spacious, and I knew I’d get a chance to catch some shut-eye on our journey to Seoul Incheon.

First, we were offered water, juice, or champagne. Like many would on this site, I chose the champagne.

Then, some newspapers were passed out. Laura elected to catch up on the day’s business news.

Then, we decided to check out our menus for the flight. For this flight, I chose to “Book the Cook” for the first meal (USDA Filet), then chanced it with the menu on the second meal serving. L chose Book the Cook for both meals (Chilean Sea Bass and Crab Ravioli).

You’ll see that Singapore offers a “Hansik” meal in business class for flights to/from Incheon. I thought this was a cool idea, and a good way to get a part of the culture as you’re flying to your destination. However, as a seafood novice, I’m glad that I elected for the steak and not eel.


Snack menu



So, yeah, the menu was massive.

Take off was on time and we were on our way. I ordered a Singapore Sling to start. Delicious.

Next, the appetizer. I’m not a big seafood person, but I thought the shrimp and scallop were tasty.

As was my favorite feature on Singapore, garlic bread.

I’m a native Texan, so I love my steaks medium rare. This was not, nor was I expecting it to be. Though, I did still enjoy it- good quality meat and the sides and sauce were flavorful. Paired with the 2012 Chateau Peyrabon Haut Medoc, which tasted fine.

Laura’s Seabass:

Finally, some rock-hard Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey for dessert. Once it thawed a bit, it did the trick.

Wait… more food? Next, a tray of fresh fruits and cheeses were passed out. The pineapple was perfectly ripe.

After that, I slipped on the provided noise-cancelling headphones and watched a few movies. Then, I drifted off to bed. So, as a result, I didn’t get a chance to try any snacks- did anyone notice that Singapore has Randy’s Donuts on board? That’s a great LA touch!

I awoke and it was about time for supper. I chose the Gogi Bokum for my main, since I was headed to South Korea, and knew I wouldn’t have time to sample their cuisine on the ground with our tight layover.

First, Parma ham.

Then the main. Very, very good. I loved the kimchi on the side.

Laura’s Crab Ravioli

Then, finally, dessert, which I passed on but Laura tried and loved.

Then, I went back to sleep, which is indicative of how comfortable I found the seat to be. While I did sleep at an angle to maximize length, the seat was wide enough for me. I have wide shoulders, so I find a lot of business class seats to feel like coffins. It’s a very first world problem, but I like finding seats where I don’t have that issue.

Overall, we arrived on time and safely. I found the flight attendants on this leg to be incredible attentive and anticipatory. It felt like first class service, and I loved how we were shielded from the other cabins during the entire flight, including disembarkation where the curtain remained drawn until we were off the plane. A+, Singapore!

Now, on to the Grand Hyatt Incheon.

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