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A Review of the Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles

I had one more night to use at any Ritz-Carlton of my choosing (up to Tier 4), due to my Ritz-Carlton Credit Card sign up bonus. Having stayed at the Ritz in LA in the past, I decided to stay there once more. Here’s my review of my stay.

A Review of the Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles


I arrived via Uber from Union Station, having taken a bus from Santa Barbara. The arrivals area is quite small, with just a small turnaround for taxis and vehicles, and a two-person desk in the lobby. By comparison, the lobby next door at the JW Marriott is gigantic.

Explaining it was my birthday, I was offered club level access for $150, which I thought was a great deal. Unlike other hotel lounges, the Club Lounges at Ritz-Carltons have five servings of food a day, with complimentary alcohol.

The Room

I received a standard room this time, unlike my slightly-upgraded deluxe room during the previous stay. Both are spacious for non-suites. Technically, I’m entitled to an upgrade due to my Platinum status, but it’s not required per the rules of Marriott Rewards. Instead, you receive 1,000 welcome points (and no free breakfast).

A view from the room

The room featured a king bed, with views of downtown Los Angeles. Not the most spectacular views for a hotel in Los Angeles, but not terrible, either. You could glimpse the Hollywood sign in the distance, over the highway.

The Club

This is where I spent most of my time, as I was here on a work day. With a constant flow of food and drink (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), I didn’t want to venture far!


The lounge had great views as well, and it was hilarious listening to all the people in the lounge who were there for the Grammy’s (they thought they were so important).

In the morning, the lounge served ample breakfast, including several hot dishes.

Special Treatment

As it was my birthday, the hotel did send up a cake and some champagne, which I thought was a great touch!

Overall, I had a lovely stay at the property, and won’t hesitate to come back, when the points allow!

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