Why Use a Travel Advisor?

Reasons to Book with Jackson Jetsetting

I’m someone who is “self-learned” in my travel expertise. I’ve spent thousands of hours pouring over every detail of my trips and making sure my dollar is being stretched the furthest to deliver the best trip possible on my hard-earned time off.

In a nutshell, that’s what I’m here to do for you. And I do it for ZERO FEES. Not a dollar more than what you find online.

We’re here to help

Too Many Options

There are thousands of options for you to book your own trips- and many of them work perfectly well. The problem is, there are too many options out there for folks now. Where should you book? Are you really getting a good deal? Before I began my journey as a travel advisor, I had dozens of folks ask me where they should book a trip. The truth is, there are a lot of factors that come into that decision. That’s where I come in. I’m someone who combs the internet and my own personal experience to deliver a trip that combines best price, personal preference, and flexibility to you.

For example, say you like using Expedia. Did you know that by booking through Expedia, you don’t receive elite benefits or loyalty points for your bookings? These points add up, and can get you around the world in luxury on the cheap. You may think that you get a better price on these networks, but every brand has a “Best Price Guarantee.” If you find a price discrepancy, they’ll adjust the price, sometimes to a 20% discount! Just one of the many tips I can deliver to you as my client.

Jackson Jetsetting Code of Ethics

1. No fees- ever.

We will never charge fees to our clients. We earn a commission from the hotels and tour packages that you book with us. Airline flights don’t typically earn us any money, but we are happy to help you with those as well.

2. If there’s a better price that you can book personally, we’ll tell you.

A good example of this is in Las Vegas, where many people have special gambler’s rates at hotels and resorts. That won’t earn us any money, but we’re not going to withhold that information from you just to make a quick buck. We’re into lifelong clients here at Jackson Jetsetting.

3. We’re here to tailor trips to any budget

We’ve planned trips as luxurious as 5-star safaris down to a hostel tour around Europe. We’re here to guide you to the best trip possible.